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Want More Clients from Your Counselor or Holistic Website ?

You need a website and a marketing strategy that entices your ideal clients to call you…

I’ll show you how to do just that in the …

Client-Attracting Websites Webinar  Program

Watch for an updated program in 2015.

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Gone are the days when therapists and healing professionals simply needed to get up any old website to attract clients for their practice (when I first started helping folks market online 15 years ago believe me, it was a lot easier).

Competition has gotten stiff on the web and you need to have a website that is beyond the basics–AND you must market that website ideally both on and off the web using current methods that work.

What has worked in the past to attract clients from your counselor website doesn’t always work anymore. Marketing on the web is ever-changing, and as a therapist or healing practitioner, it’s not easy to keep up with all these changes.

That is why I aim to deliver the most important aspects of what it takes to succeed on the web today.

It’s time to stop worrying and wondering what to do to attract more clients.

If your website isn’t making your visitors say, “I want to work with you!” it’s time to do something different. It’s time for a Client-Attracting Website–and it’s time to know how to market it effectively.

The 2 Elements You Need to Attract Clients From Your Website:

Number1A Compelling and Engaging Website:

A compelling website needs to stand out from other counselors and healing professionals in your field. It must explain in an engaging and client-driven way the problems that you can help with, the benefits you provide, why you are unique, and why they should trust you. It must be convincing enough to potential clients that they pick up the phone to call you–instead of clicking away from your site out of lack or enthusiasm, or worse, boredom.

In addition, a Client-Attracting Website needs to be well-designed and designed and laid out according to usability  and conversion principles. These elements and more are shown in the green circles in the infographic below. These are what are known as “Conversion Factors” (the factors that convert website visitors into actual clients).

Number2Targeted Traffic Coming to Your Website:

While it’s essential that you have a Client-Attracting Website if you want more clients for your counseling or healing practice, I am sorry to say that having a strong website is not enough. You’ll need to attract qualified traffic to your website–and lots of it.

This means you’ll need a plan in place and a strategy to tell people about your website so they go there. After all, if enough people don’t know you exist, how can you expect to attract clients even if your website is outstanding? The pink circles in the infographic below show the key ways you can get more traffic to your website both on and off the Internet. These are what are known as “Traffic Sources”.

The Client Attracting Websites Home Study Program shows you both how to get traffic to your website and how to “convert” your website visitors into clients.


“I now know EXACTLY what I need to do to revamp my own site to make it exceptional.”

JoyAllen-headshot“I came to the Client-Attracting Websites Home Study Program expecting to learn the differences between a good website and a poor website– And I got so much more…

I discovered how crucial it is to have a superb therapy website as opposed to an adequate one and how important a strong web presence is in terms of marketing successfully. Now when I look at websites the ones that are strong really stand out. I now know EXACTLY what I need to do to revamp my own site to make it exceptional.

Finally, your knowledge about, and ability to explain the concepts of copywriting and search engine optimization in a down to earth manner is phenomenal.

Thank you so much! I’m so grateful for all that I’ve received from the Client-Attracting Websites Home Study Program”.

– Joy Allen, LCSW, M.Div., Fort Worth, Texas, www.joyallen.com

Hi, I’m Juliet Austin, a therapist turned Marketing Coach and Copywriter.

Since 1999, I have been successfully guiding therapists, psychologists, coaches and holistic practitioners through the often daunting process of developing a successful private practice website–as well as marketing it on and off the web. A website that not only gets plenty of qualified visitors, but one that then turns those visitors into clients.

Many professionals that come to me for help are extremely frustrated as to why their websites don’t perform better.

They often struggle by trying to learn and do everything themselves without really knowing what they are doing, and then wonder why they don’t get enough clients.

Or, they hire a professional web designer to do their website who is lacking in knowledge about how to make a website that actually attracts clients.

This means a designer that doesn’t understand client-attracting website copy, web usability (a site designed based on how people actually behave when they arrive at websites), conversion optimization (the science of what makes people take the actions you want them to), search engine optimization, etc. Believe it or not, even many professional web designers don’t know these things.

A Client-Attracting Website is Based on Science…

Yes, science. There are PROVEN methods of making a website work for you.

Everything from your website design, website layout (where you put things on your website, the navigation, the font style, etc.), copy (what you write, how you write it, the structure of the writing, etc.) Pretty much every aspect of websites that can be tested, has been tested. The results of these tests are then turned into principles that can be used to create a new website, or improve your existing website.

Sure, you can get a do-it-yourself website up and running in a short time with a cheap template and a few bits of copy.

Or, you can hire an inexpensive (or expensive) designer to create a simple one for you. BUT, either way it doesn’t mean it’s going to attract clients.

You can make any website (even a strong one) perform better than it does, but you need to understand the scientific principles involved in order to increase performance.

After these principles are revealed to you in this course, you can then create a website that targets your ideal clients and uniquely emphasizes what you have to offer them.

In the Client-Attracting Websites Webinar Home Study Program, I’ll show you how to develop a client-attracting website based on all these principles — and at a fraction of the cost of what my individual clients pay for my knowledge and skills…

“The Client-Attracting Websites Home Study Program is excellent.”

MyraPolikoff-headshot“It absolutely met my expectations and even exceeded them. The teleseminar audios were information rich, fast-paced and very organized. It was an extremely good deal for the price you charged (actually, I think you could charge more). Thank you so much!”

– Myra Polikoff, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Sebastopol, California

Is the Client-Attracting Websites Home Study Program for You?

As a therapist, coach or healer, do any of the following statements ring true for you?

  • I don’t have a website and am overwhelmed about where to start.
  • I have a website, but it’s out of date or ineffective. It kind of sucks.
  • My website is not getting enough traffic.
  • My websites does get some visitors, but few–if any–clients.
  • My website gets lots of traffic, but it doesn’t convert them into clients.
  • My website looks great, but I still don’t get many clients from it.
  • I want my website to rank higher in search engines.
  • The (copy) text on my website doesn’t seem to be attracting clients.
  • My website is attracting some clients–but not my ideal clients. I often get clients who
  • I don’t want to work with or who can’t–or won’t–pay my fee.
  • I don’t know where to put things on my website, or what pages to include, or what information to include on each page – help!
  • I want to know more about marketing on the web. It all seems so complicated.
  • I don’t have a strategy for attracting clients to my website.

If any of the above statements describe you, you are exactly the kind of person who can benefit from the Client-Attracting Websites Home Study Program.

This  home study program will take the mystery out of how to make your website work for you, help you attract all the clients you want, helping you increase your income.

Whether you create your entire website yourself, some of it yourself or hire professionals to do it for you–you do need to know the principles of what makes websites attract clients. I will show you everything you need to develop a results-oriented website that potential clients will be drawn to.

Moreover, the information you receive in this program will benefit you for as long as you have a holistic or therapist practice.

You will discover core methods of promotion and marketing that apply to a variety of situations. You will learn how to write copy that encourages potential clients to sit up and pay attention. You will say good-bye to frustration and confusion and finally have a structure and strategy for building a rewarding healing or therapy practice through your website.

Finally, this program will save you time and money.

The program will help you build (or guide a web designer to build) your holistic or therapy practice a lot faster than you otherwise could. You won’t be making the same bad and costly mistakes that many therapists and healers still make with their websites. Some of my clients come to me after several years of frustration and sometimes hundreds –or even thousands– of dollars wasted wanting my help to create a website that actually works. Not surprisingly, these people often wish they would have had the benefit of my expertise a lot sooner.

“I had a full caseload in less than 9 months”


“When I first sought your help I knew absolutely nothing about marketing or what an effective website would look like. I didn’t have any clients and was feeling very stuck and discouraged.Through my work with you, I developed a great website that my clients love. And once it was up, I had a full caseload in less than 9 months — that’s at least 35-40 clients a week! Now at least half of my clients come through my website. My clients love my site and often tell me that they have read every single word on it! Thank you for turning my life around!”

– Michele Crawford, RCC, CCC, Vancouver, BC www.michelecrawford.ca

The Client-Attracting Websites Home Study Program will provide you with:

  • My 15 years of knowledge and experience packed into 9, 1 hour information-packed webinar recordings. I will walk you through the steps you need to take to turn your website into a client-attracting machine.
  • You will have access to the webinar recordings. You can watch them on your computer as many times as you wish during this time. But, don’t worry, you can have access to the audio recordings, workbook and slides forever (read the point directly below).
  • Permanent access to audio-recordings, slides, and workbook. You can download the audio-recordings, slides and workbook to your computer. With the audio-recordings, slides, and your workbook, you’ll have access to the material forever.
  • An 80+ page –yes, it’s really 80+ pages–step-by step digital guide and workbook that you can download to your computer. The guide and workbook covers all the material in the webinars plus helpful step-by-step exercises for each class to help you plan and write the content for your site. You will be able to use this as a structure and a reference as you develop your own client-attracting website.
  • List of web resources to help you develop a client-attracting website. These resources will help you plan, develop and promote your site so you can draw in as many clients as you want. They will help build on the content provided in the sessions and make it easy for you to map out and apply the principles to your own website and marketing plan.
  • Examples of successful healer and therapist websites. I provide you with several sample websites of my clients that were completed using my model. These healing and therapist websites will help guide and inspire you in developing your own website.
  • BONUS #1: MP3 Audio: Your Website as The Hub of Your Business Universe. This bonus MP3 audio-recording explains the importance your website plays in your overall marketing strategy. Your website is the center of everything you do.
  • BONUS #2: MP3 Audio: How to Increase Your Credibility Through Client Case Studies. This bonus audio-recording shows you how to create compelling case studies that motivate potential clients to act. Very few therapists and healing professionals use this powerful technique and don’t realize why it’s so effective (and yes, there are ethical ways to do this without violating client confidentiality).
  • BONUS #3: MP3 Audio: 10 Word Press Plug-ins to Enhance Your Word Press Website. For those of you with a Word Press site, this bonus audio-recorded interview with Word Press geek, CJ Gaul, will describe 10 free WordPress plug-ins that you can add to enhance your website and save you time.
  • BONUS #4: MP3 Audio: The Psychology of Website and Blog Design. In this bonus audio-recorded interview I speak with web designer for therapists, Nathaniel Richman. We discuss the psychology of web design and it’s importance in drawing and keeping clients at your website.

“Juliet’s marketing and copywriting skills have been fantastic for my business.

Jeff“Her advice and feedback have helped sign significantly increase the size of CounsellingBC.com’s professional directory. As a result, the site is an even better resource for BC than it already was!”

– Jeff Fisher, MA, Counsellingbc.com, Vancouver, BC

Client-Attracting Websites Course Content

Here is a summary of each of the 9 webinar recordings and the corresponding chapters in the 80+ page guide and workbook:

Webinar Recording #1

Client-Attracting Design and Layout Options

In this session, I discuss the purpose of a client-attracting website and then explore the science of what is known about how people behave when visiting websites (usability research).

Whether you do your own website or have a web master doing it for you, you’ll learn effective layout and design options that keep people on your website longer, how colour impacts on your visitors, what pages and type of navigation you should use, how to make your website mobile-friendly (very important!), where to put your subscribe box, why it’s important, how to entice visitors to subscribe to it, and more.

Webinar Recording #2

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients to Your Website

Before you can begin your website–especially writing the copy– you’ll need to know who you are writing to as this will determine what you say on your website. In session #2 we’ll discuss the pros and cons of having a niche, how to develop a niche and an ideal client profile and how to write to a general audience. Once you become crystal clear on who you are writing to, writing your copy will be so much easier.

Webinar Recording #3

Web Copywriting Principles That Entice Potential Clients to Contact You

You’ll discover what the science of copywriting is and why it’s important. We’ll discuss research-based copywriting principles that will help you attract your ideal clients. You’ll also discover the basics of how to write attention-getting headlines that will help ensure your potential clients stick around your website as opposed to abandoning it upon the first few seconds of their arrival to your site. Copy can make or break your website’s effectiveness, which means that copywriting skills are critical to your success. Copywriting skills are very useful to have even if you get a professional copywriter to write your website copy. There are always times in your business where you’ll need to write copy whether it’s for a website, a flyer, or any other promotional material that you might put out to your audience.

Webinar Recording #4

How to Write a Compelling Home Page

Once you understand some basic principles of copywriting, I’ll show you various ways that you can write your home page–the most important page of your entire site. If you don’t capture your website visitors interest on the homepage, they won’t read anything else. I’ll reveal my special formula that has been highly successful with my clients, as well as some alternative models I’ve developed recently.

Webinar Recording #5

How to Write Compelling Inside Pages

Once your compelling home page convinces potential clients that you might have something to offer, you still have to keep their attention as they read your other website pages. I’ll reveal the pages that work best and what information you should include on them to attract your ideal counseling or healing clients.

Webinar Recording #6

How To Rank as High as Possible in Search Engines

How search engines rank sites has changed dramatically over the past several years–and even in the past few months! As a result, I’ve completely re-done this section of the course. While it’s a lot more difficult to rank high in the search engines than it was a few years back, there are some basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO) that can help ensure your website ranks as high as possible in Google and others.

Webinar Recording #7

How Creating Ongoing Quality Content Creation Can Make You Stand Out on the Web, Set you Up as an Expert, and Build Trust, Ultimately Bringing More Traffic to Your Website.

In this session, we’ll discuss how you can benefit from creating valuable content and adding it to your website on an ongoing basis. Whether it’s newsletters, blogs, videos or audios, content is why people come to the web. If you can build a following with strong content, you’ve got it made.

Webinar Recording #8

More Online Methods for Driving Traffic To Your Website

Once your client-attracting website is complete, you’re still going to need to lead people to it (see the pink circles in the infographic at the top of the page). While search engine optimization, listing in online directories and creating content are important, you’ll likely still need to find other ways to get visitors to come to your site. We’ll discuss how to use social media to build a reputation online and get more people to your website and more.

Webinar Recording #9

Offline Methods for Driving Traffic To Your Website

Marketing in your local area is still a viable way to send people to your website to find out more about you, to read your content, or find out how to work with you. We’ll discuss how to implement community (offline) marketing strategies that encourage people to visit your website so that you can create a strategic offline plan to integrate with your online plan.

“Within a few months of working with Juliet, I had all the clients that I wanted!”

Ann“I tell many other therapists that I feel so fortunate that I hired Juliet right when I started my practice.
Many therapists have the attitude that therapists can’t have a successful business and that it isn’t ethical to market a practice – Juliet provides methods that are both ethical and successful.

Within a few months of working with Juliet, I had all the clients that I wanted!I developed a great website that brings me regular clients. I joined a networking group and put a listing up at a therapy locator site which also brings me clients. I learned so much about websites, networking, copywriting, etc, that I sometimes have more clients than I can handle!”

– Ann Schlarb, Counseling Hypnotherapist, CCHt, Longmont, Colorado

Ok…are you ready to get started?

Watch for a new program in 2015.
Click here to sign up  to be notified when the program is available.

“It feels like a whole new world has opened up to me.”

Cress Spicer“The content of the Client-Attracting Websites program was very beneficial. I am amazed and how much information you gave us! You explained seemingly complex information in a relaxed way, making it easy to understand..

It’s been an amazing journey writing the copy for my website–and I have even started a blog! I knew absolutely nothing about blogs or many of the types of marketing you explained to us. The information in this program was truly invaluable and exceeded my expectations… It feels like a whole new world has opened up to me. I am very excited about all the possibilities I now have for marketing my website. Thank-you Juliet, I really enjoyed it!”

– Cress Spicer, Reiki & BodyTalk Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner, Vancouver, BC

I look forward to helping you create a website that authentically reflects who you are while attracting the clients you most want to serve.

To your success,


Watch for a new program in 2015.
Click here to sign up to be notified when the program is available.

SusanDrury-headshot“One thing is for sure – you are a fantastic coach! It’s been a year since we started working together and things are going very well, my phone is ringing all the time and I keep having to book new seminars. Thank you, thank you. You are the best!”
Susan Drury, Homeopath, North Vancouver, BC www.healinglifehomeopathy.com

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