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Are You Using Social Proof on Your Natural Health or Therapy Website? thumbnail

Are you using any methods of social proof on your therapy or natural health website? If you’re like a lot of therapists and natural health business, you are likely not using any…and if you’re not, you’re missing out on attracting more clients and customers. Before I go any further… Let’s define social proof: Social proof… READ MORE

A while ago I wrote a 25 Point Website Checklist for Therapist and Healing Professionals. I included some points on copywriting in that list. Below, I've now created a more detailed copywriting checklist to help ensure the copy on your therapy or holistic website is attracting as many clients as possible. But before we get… READ MORE

To help you be more successful in attracting clients via your website, I have put together a 25-point website checklist. Check it out below. Professional Design and User-Friendly Layout 1. Your website looks professional. If you want to attract more of your ideal clients, you need to present a strong first impression. Besides, having a… READ MORE

A while back I wrote an article called, "Enough of the Awful-Looking Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Therapist Websites" that focused on how many poorly designed therapist and healing practitioner websites there are out there. I decided to create this video to show some well-designed websites. Actually, I had a hard time finding some well-designed and up-to-date websites… READ MORE

I have done a lot of therapist website critiques over the past few months. And while I am pleased to say that I've seen some therapist websites that are well designed, many were DIY (do it yourself) websites that could be improved upon immensely in terms of how they look. Just to be clear--I am not… READ MORE

Your new counseling website is up and you are very excited. The first thing you do is send it to the people you know for feedback. While it is fine to do this, you have to proceed very carefully with the feedback you receive. Here's some of the comments you might get that won't necessarily… READ MORE

In this 12-minute video, I critique a 2-niche therapist's website. In the video, I discuss the implications of having a 2-niche website as well as commenting on the website copy and some usability issues. Watch the video of the therapist website below and feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comments below… READ MORE

Your therapy website can be seen as the hub of a wheel--the center or foundation of all your marketing activities. Most people who become clients will have been to your website first and will have chosen you because your website resonated with their struggles and offered some hope that you might be able to help. In… READ MORE

Below is a video interview I did with my colleague, Clinton Power on therapist website trends. Once your website is up, you'll need to keep up to date with the evolving web if you want to continue to attract clients in the long haul. In the video, I discuss 6 website trends that will help ensure… READ MORE

Many counsellors and therapists use counselling directories to list their private practice and increase their online presence, yet many don't use this form of marketing effectively and wonder why they don't get the results they had hoped for. As the owner of a counselling directory in Australia, I see lots of therapists and counsellors making… READ MORE


“Working with you made such a huge difference! I now have a full caseload, and they are exactly the kind of counselling clients I want. Before, about 30% of the people who called for therapy fit my target niche, and now about 95% of them do.”

Judy Lyon, Trauma Therapist & Addiction Recovery Therapist, Surrey, BC, www.judylyoncounselling.com

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