About Juliet

Juliet Austin, MA Counseling Psychology Marketing Coach & Copywriter

When I began my coaching practice in 1999 I had no previous business experience. Having worked for non-profit organizations directly and on contract for most of my working career, I was not tuned into the business world and how it functioned. I knew absolutely nothing about marketing a practice and building a business. Also, like many people with my background, I had numerous misconceptions, concerns and fears starting a private practice.

After taking numerous marketing courses and being mentored by my own coach, not only did I discover that I had a knack for marketing but that all the experience I had developed in my life could be utilized in my new business venture. My love of training, counseling, research and writing, as well as my keen desire to share information with others, eventually evolved so that I began to focus my private practice on assisting coaches, counselors, therapists and other professionals to market a practice.

Assisting professionals in marketing a practice has become a creative and intellectually stimulating way for me to express myself. I find it inspiring to witness my clients overcome the many hurdles they face when attempting to build a thriving and rewarding practice and am deeply committed to help my clients achieve the same success I have.

Being an ideas person who thrives on change and variety, I am constantly developing new projects and trying new approaches within my own business and in my work with clients. My ongoing quest for knowledge ensures that I stay current with both cutting-edge online and off-line marketing methods.

In addition to the individual and group coaching services I offer on marketing and building a private practice, I facilitate several workshops and teleclasses on coaching and marketing a private practice.

I reside in beautiful Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada. In my spare time I love to hike in the mountains and in the desert (not in BC , of course :-)). I am an engaged social activist and live my life from a Buddhist perspective. My mission is to be the best person I can possibly be, while assisting others to do the same.

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